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Be caramel as buddha*

I was taken out for a Christmas lunch today by my dotted-line boss. We six went to the Stonemason's Arms in Hammersmith, which is apparently what they call a "gastro pub." We almost all got the Irish sirloin steak for lunch (one outlier got halibut, the fool). We did all have pints (nice on my post-breakfast emptied stomach) and starters (tomato/motz salad for me, it was microscopic). The boys all ordered toffee pudding (which was caramel sauce and cake with a scoop of really good ice cream on top) and coffee for dessert. We talked about movies and snowboarding and I was teased for saying, "Awesome!" when they bought me a side of gravy for my potatoes. Total: £200, glad I wasn't paying.

Needless to say I won't be accomplishing much this afternoon other than digesting. I do think I've really got the health issues under control now, though - back to semi-normal appetite, and all of the protein I will need for the next week. And I'm feeling very chipper and looking forward to having just one day more before my vacation starts.

I made shadowdaddy walk me to work because the fog was making me worry I'd inadvertently go into another space time dimension as I walked across the bridge, and if I was stuck in Victorian London I wanted to make sure I had at least one familiar face around. I'm a bit afraid he didn't really know what I was going on about, as he wasn't awake 15 minutes before I had him walking out the door ...

* Best spam title of the day.
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