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Another ace day at work

That's right, we went out for pints over lunch. I also had a chicken melt on a wholemeal sub roll, which was delicious. The waitress was a peach and gave us all some Christmas crackers, and we had just the right amount of people to split them. I won mine, but was amused to discover all three of us had the same joke in our crackers (some joke about beavers) as well as the same prize and same color of paper crowns.

Afterwards I went shopping in Hammersmith and got a little of this ("a little this-a, a little that-a") and a little wrapping paper, then sauntered back to work. All that's left for the rest of the day is two hours of listening to people give presentations, reading some resumes, and filling out my timesheet. And setting my OOF email. I can do this.
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