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Wow, it's still 30 outside - I can feel it through the sleeve of my dress as I sit in the livingroom

Ah, the solstice at last, and I'm happy to say I'll be sleeping through sunrise tomorrow. Woo! Second item on the agenda (after sleeping in) is going to the pub up the street that has "Full English Breakfast 2 Pounds," which is what I'll gain eating it. Then I suspect home for a bit of deboxing, then we'll do a museum or something. shadowdaddy is going to have an early night as he'll be pulling a midnight-8 AM shift at some theater somewhere (this just a one off gig), but wechsler will entertain me, I'm sure.

Dang, it's late.

I had a great night at Sadler's Wells with spikeylady, bathtubgin, itsjustaname and wechlser watching handsome shirtless men dance around stage with leather pants on. Er, I mean, with feather pants on, at least in acts one and three, as this was Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake. Something about the production seemed to leave us all very ... energized. Not sure how to put it really, but I do think "festive" captures it. Talk about getting in the spirit of the season! What is it about watching actors die on stage that could possibly be so cheering? At any rate, I end the day in a very good mood, which I must frankly admit has a LOT to do with it being the start of my Christmas vacation. No work until January 2nd ... WOOOO!

I'm thinking of maybe starting a tradition of Christmas tacos. I can have duck here anytime, but how often can you have tacos? I can do a Mexican Christmas in London, I'll be the only person who does it, and for me, it will be the flavors of the old country. MmmmMMMmmMMM! And I can make enchiladas, too, since we've got lots of sauce and it would be yummy.

No games on Saturday - was hoping to get two or three but can only get one, so ... I guess we'll go see Meet Me In Saint Louis at the Riverside Studios or something similarly silly.
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