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Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Knackered knees. Cheer. Games. A day less well wasted.

Hmm. My right knee seems massively sore when I bend it today. What ever did I do to it?

The fog has lifted, but inside me visibility is still quite low. We're both stressing at each other. It's not pleasant. Cinderella at the Hackey Empire was a good laugh and a nice production (and most affordable to boot if travel time is free) - I loved the effect of the carriage drawn by a winged horse - but despite crying a bit during the show, my overall mood didn't really lift. It was good to get out of the house for a while, though, and it's fun being around all of that positive energy, even if it's a transient up. We came home afterwards and played Hunters and Gatherers (118 -136, quite a spread) and did a little unpacking. The living room has only one box left, as does the dining room, so we should be in good order for next Saturday.

My copy of Remembrance of Things Past was left at wechsler's house. How frustrating. All of this time to read and I won't likely get it back until Wednesday! It should help me focus on the other, small books I want to read before the year is over, though.

Menu for the next two days: slow-cooked lamb shoulder with curried squash bisque (tomorrow), then roast pork with a roast vegetables thing involving exotic English vegetables such as the "Swede" (we prefer Norwegians in America), the "parsnip," and a "celeriac," which I presume is celery with OCD. I shall shop tomorrow and report back on my findings.
Tags: food porn, games, knees, shows
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