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Am I back to doing daily updates now?

Sunday consisted of a bunch of doing Not Much, which I found very satisfying. I went to my brother and girlfriend's house and brought them their Christmas presents (which were well received), then laughed at Worthy Opponent when he called me there to tell me that his skiing trip was called off due to non-fitting snowchains, discovered after an hour drive to the skiing area. Hah hah, at least he got some dishes done. Lil' bro and g-f and I went to the Super Bowl Noodle House for lunch, a much better option than the Hawaiian burger joint on the corner of 65th and Roosevelt and just as close.

The afternoon saw some gardening done, and the ever popular Poop Patrol (it wasn't really sunny but if it's not pissing down rain you've got to take what you can get), plus a round of Carcasonne before Worthy Opponent went to his theater meeting. I got in a nap and a walking of the dogs before Rebecca came by to take me to Corinna's white elephant party, where I ditched the Tazmanian Devil lunch box Worthy O never took a shine to as well as a board game I disliked, and came back with a chamois shirt that looks highly useful as well as warm. Plus I ran into Eileen, whose MS is getting worse (which sucks) but is still beautiful and smart and interested in going to the Orlando Consort concert on the 26th. So I need to get her tickets ordered. A good day overall!
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