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On the sixth day of Christmas, the heavens gave to me ... a sunny day!

Wow, it's not black out there. What a change.

We went out to the Colombian restaurant La Bodeguita yesterday evening and had steak with rosamicula (prime instigator), itsjustaname, silenttex and wechsler. Dang, they do serve steaks the size of your plate. It was really too much food. Now I have to make a stew with my leftovers, because yes, there is that much steak left. Gaaaah. I loved the appetizers, though, and the company.

Today we're going to see about spending the American Express gift cards shadowdaddy's mom got for us. I'm imagining tall, pretty boots from Clark's and maybe a bathroom scale. We're also going to apply for a credit card (woo) and go to the V&A to see the daily life in Renaissance Italy exhibit (closes Jan 6). Mostly I want to be out in the sunshine because we haven't had ANY for a week. Maybe we should go to the Serpentine ... the walk through the park to get there would be cool.

PS: Due to my bad luck shopping, I now have an extra copy of Phillipa Gregory's The Other Boleyn Girl (as recommended to me by scarlettina. Anyone interested?
Tags: cheap eats in london, mexican food in london
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