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Of course, it's Swann and Odette

I have finally finished the Swann in Love chapter of Remembrance of Things Past. How eager I have been to say goodbye to Odette! And I'm sorry I didn't have the book for five days of my vacation and have just now been able to catch back up. I'd quote from the end of the chapter but it seems like anytime I try to say a bit of the book I realize I should be quoting three pages, like the bit where he describes how a bit of music makes him feel. I've never seen it captured so well before, and I've never really seen anyone try. Proust really seems to understand how people's minds work. God, what a book!

Today was spent lazing around the house with J and W (who decided he was too worn out to go back home). We had ham and black-eyed peas for lunch and green enchiladas for dinner; at some point, J and I went for a walk through Wandsworth Park. It was a very rough day emotionally (you can say lack of sleep here if you'd like, you can say having your ass handed to you on a platter if you'd prefer), but it ended with the three of us playing Boggle and having some nice drinks, so I'll look back on that as how my year started and hope that I'm looking forward to a good one.
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