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Today will start earlier tomorrow

Even though it was overcast and sprinkling, shadowdaddy and I walked up to $howboat along the banks of the Thames today. We saw some of the Indian ring-necked parakeets at the pier on the north side of the football stadium, which I think I should see as a herald of good fortune. We also talked about places we want to go this year. "How about we spend our anniversary in Venice? And we could go to Krakow, Frommers made it sound interesting." "Ooh, Venice! Cool!" And I noted that I missed rowing, though I wouldn't have wanted to be out today.

Tonight the two of us will joing wechsler for a trip to see Spamalot, which I'm very excited about. Hopefully the cold I'm trying not to have will calm down and I'll have lots of energy for the show. Even if it's not a work of pure genius, I'll still be able to say I saw Tim Curry live on stage (only true through this weekend), so that will be good. Other shows I'm currently drooling to see are The History Boys and Don Juan in Soho, both of which I think I should get tickets for sooner rather than later so I can have cheap ones instead of full-price ones. I expect there won't be too much going out to see shows this month and a lot more having people over for dinner and games, but that's probably not such a bad way to start the New Year all in all, I think.

Work VERY busy today - we are supposed to finally launch on Monday of next week. This is good.

FYI: Net "Festive Period" expenditures: bought £20 worth of cross stitch kits at the Wetlands Center, and have not bought boots in an act of incredible self-control. Per asrana's reference, I'm pleased to say I'm not in this group: "Overspending over the festive period will force 10,000 people to declare themselves insolvent in the next few months, say accountants Grant Thornton. "

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