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The Pervert's Guide to Cinema

shadowdaddy and I spent three good hours of our evening on a movie which, in my mind, will give us ideas about films to watch and ways to look at and talk about cinema for years to come. The movie started with some fairly standard references - Marx Brothers, Charlie Chaplin, and a pile of Hitchcock movies - but added in extremely modern films such as The Matrix and Star Wars The Last, Please so it felt good and fresh. The movies ranged from highbrow (Persona) to low (The Exorcist and two of the Aliens movies). The narrator dropped himself into scenes (which was hysterical) and bounced from idea to idea so fast I could hardly keep up (and it's really hard to listen to someone talk when a baby monster is bursting out of someone's chest onscreen). Two that I remembered: the building as representing the mind, with the ground floor as the, um, conscious mind (Ego?), the top floor (where "mom" lived and the murders happened in Psycho) as the angry demanding Super Ego and the basement (where the scary things were hiding) as the Id (or something like that, he talked fast), a parallel he also used when talking about the Marx brothers (Groucho of course being the super ego).

The other one was on his extended discussion of sexuality. What I seem to recall is that man is attracted to woman insofar as she is an enigma, a repository of his desires (cue Solaris), but practically a living masturbatory tool (cue Lost Highway, we got Lynch over and over again). Women, meanwhile, experience their sexual heights as ... items to be narrated (while their partners struggle to keep up with their active imaginations). For God's sake, he all but said women are writing it up in their head (I assume for blogging) as they are doing it. I laughed quite a bit over this one, but what can I say - I think I'm ready to see Eyes Wide Shut.

It was, all in all, a great start to my movie watching year, and made me glad glad glad that shadowdaddy is here with me.
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