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It's a beautiful prop morning

It was lovely coming in this morning: cool and dark but not too cold, the air moist, and for some reason lots and lots of birds singing in the park near my work. It felt like a spring morning instead of deep in the heart of mid-winter. It felt homey and normal and that perfect surreal you get going in way, way too early to work - my whole life in QA, years repeating themselves, taking me all the way back to The Olde Days of the dot-com boom and all of those nice fantasies about retiring as millionaires after the IPO. I wonder if any of those Microsoft retirees are former testers? I scavenged some stuff for the bathroom from a box on the sidewalk and headed into work carrying it with me.

Nice article in the New York Times about the need to "restrain the imperial presidency:" The Democratic majority in Congress has a moral responsibility to address all these issues: fixing the profound flaws in the military tribunals act, restoring the rule of law over Mr. Bush’s rogue intelligence operations and restoring the balance of powers between Congress and the executive branch. So far, key Democrats, including Mr. Leahy and Senator Richard Durbin of Illinois, chairman of a new subcommittee on human rights, have said these issues are high priorities for them. Let's hope so. I realized I'm still afraid to send letter to Republicans criticizing them for fear of being placed on a watch list and having that make it impossible for me to travel easily.
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