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The days shall run like rabbits - Confederate States of America

Oooohhh it was a busy day. I had a near heart attack as a license-revoking bug was found on live. This led to panics over 1) did my team not test for it 2) did we test wrong for it 3) if those answers are "yes" and "no" then WTF? I wound up trying to see if firewalls and jimmied test account priveleges figured into it and had no satisfaction (all roads lead to No), gave up for the evening and went to see Confederate States of America with shadowdaddy, my first trip to Riverside Studios 1) since I've been here and 2) since I got a membership from shadowdaddy as a Christmas present.

CSA was quite something - an alternate history mockumentary about the world where the Confederacy won the Civil War. Slavery was still legal, women didn't get the right to vote ... it was really something. It was actually a bit of a surprise to see so many black actors participating in it. What was it like for them, to portray slaves in modern America? The twists and turns of the alternate history, such as the conversion of West Coast Chinese immigrants to slaves was very interesting ... and the points the movie was trying to make, which I think were a bit on the "how far we haven't come," were really good. We sat there feeling EXTREMELY uncomfortable over and over again, such as when the words coon, jiggaboo, and "buck" were used. We squirmed. And the ... the ... cigarette ad. Oh my.

Earlier in the day, J had joined me for a lunch in Hammersmith, which wound up being the Indian food buffet at a restaurant Chula on King Street. 6.95 seemed like a lot when every place else had thalis for only 5, but we were able to eat right away which was key with the meeting I had on the other side of the hour. Verdict: good food, very nice selection at the buffet with piles of vegetarian food (and some meat dishes, a good break after all of the southern Indian vegetarian stuff nearby), but the best deal might be the 5.25 or so take out container, which I'm sure would have easily filled both of us.
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