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I don't hate it here but I'm not really motivated toay

At work today, and I'm bored again and feeling lazy to boot. shadowdaddy came to join me for lunch, and we walked up to King Street and got £3.50 tiffins from Sagar (near the Ravenscourt Park tube station). Their takeout boxes are pretty good - vegetarian, of course, with rice/chappathi/raita/daal and today a garbanzo bean curry entree and some kind of lettuce/cucumber side dish. I do wish it came with a dessert and a wee dosa like the place down the road makes 'em, but this is still very, very good, filling, AND has the advantage of being closer to my office. In fact, we were able to walk up there (along the Thames path, a very nice walk), call in the order on the way, pick it up and go back to the park and eat all in time for me to make it back to work before an hour had gone by. Now, that's convenient, and God only knows it will be quite a bit nicer to do when it's not still winter. I'll be here in about two weeks, though (provided I get the reservation in this weekend), so I do at least have a break from the chill coming to me.

No one else seems to want to go Ceili dancing, so I could save the money and stay home, but I really want to kick up my heels and shadowdaddy is semi-game, so off we go. Tomorrow, a lovely ballet with bathtubgin (12:30!), then maybe a museum and then karaoke.
Tags: ceili, cheap eats in london, work
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