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Come dancing - all her boyfriends used to come and say - why not come dancing?

Just back from the Ceili dancing adventure at the Hammersmith town hall ("a sprung-wood dance floor, one of the most outstanding in the country") where shadowdaddy and I spent some three hours wearing ourselves out and having a damned good time. There must have been some 400 (he says 5) people there, eating the Burn's day neeps and taties (and haggis, it was pretty good and I'm pretty sure it was cooked authentically) and drinking and chatting. Rather than the Irish theme I'm used to, this was a very Scottish dance, with lots of men in full Highland formals, complete with merkin-on-a-chain and sock flags. (They were really handsome, though the most vigorous of the dancers showed a LOT of thigh from the back when he was spinning his partner around.) It was a younger crowd than the Seattle contra dances and fairly dressed up by Seattle standards, but still full of lots of people who didn't really know what they were doing (mostly men) and very friendly and jolly. We mostly danced two and sat out one (to catch our breath), for about four or five sets of dances (with a half hour break for the musicians to get drinks and someone to recite a poem about haggis), going from 8 to 11 - so quite a lot of time on the dance floor!

shadowdaddy danced all the but one of the dances I danced, and all but one of those with me, and looked damned handsome on the dance floor - plus he helped me with all of my left-right (and occasional counting) confusion. The final dance, which he sat out, had the first couple in a line of about 100 or more couples start swinging themselves, then spinning each with a member of the outside couple and returning to each other in the middle, then moving on so each person swung a person on the line, then add in another couple when the first got to about the fourth couple ... until EVERYONE had a chance to be the top couple and go dance and swing and dance and swing, over and over again, arms reaching out and turning you and spinning you back into the middle where you tried to grab your partner's arm before you were flung back out at ... is it this person? ... and back in the middle, turn with the friendly face, back to the line and grab the arm, get sweated on, over and over again and it was just madness!

Needless to say I had a great night and I do really need a shower, which I'm going to have now, and I'm pleased to say my knees don't hurt and the new boots were actually great dance shoes. Yay!
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