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Kind of early to be turning in

I'm feeling exhausted and even at 4 PM the doctor was out, so I'm heading upstairs now, wondering if maybe I wouldn't have called Grandpa and told him I wasn't going to go to the funeral if I wasn't so worn out. Am I going to regret this? My inclination right now is Reduce All Stress and the amount of money it would cost to fly to Phoenix right now bothers me more than I wish it did.

In other news, Tripadelic wants me to come back, which I'll do the week after the wedding (they of course wanted me on the day before, which is already full of activities). I also got a letter from the city attorney's office about the crazy bitch who attacked me. I have to call them or they'll drop charges. Looks like that will be happening before I go into work tomorrow, too.

Tomorrow, Art Walk (and then writeup for Tablet), Saturday, varnishing and the Koi show. And daily, it's clean up after the little dogs and the old cat. My life is a comedy of animal feces - I could be a hit teen movie!

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