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The days are getting longer, is it spring yet? My crocuses are blooming ...

I had a good afternoon today. I left work early (well, after I'd been there for 9 hours) and headed off to a doctor's appointment. This time I got a good doctor; she diagnosed what I came to see her about AND gave me a referral for physical therapy for my knee. Hurray! She also helped me understand how she came to her diagnosis and gave me some information on figuring out how to use my employer health insurance. Oddly my blood pressure also was lower than it was when I was there earlier - go figure.

Then it was time for a bit of tottering around the high street as my ridiculous waking hour started to take its toll. I managed to find a copy of Kavalier and Clay (sp?) for £1 at one of the charity shops and my (free in the UK!) prescription at Boots, but at some point in the Sainsbury's I got a little brain dead and started feeling quite upset that I couldn't figure out where they were hiding the English muffins or the cookies that I wanted (Weston's Wagon Wheels, were you to be found with the "tea" items, the various cakes served with tea, the chocolate, or the snack foods?). This kind of near-breakdown is typical of me in an exhausted state, and I was fortunately saved by a phone call from shadowdaddy, who managed to talk me out of the store and back to the house, where I took a nap.

So a good afternoon all in all, and a pleasant slack evening with company for my Moroccan chicken with stewed squash and prunes (still working on that one) and doing little else. Hopefully I'll get enough sleep and tomorrow will go well - I'm excited because I'm taking my team out for a pizza party for lunch.
Tags: $howboat, knees, my boring life, national health, nhs, sleep dep, work
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