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Vacation! Vacation!

Oh, thank GOD the day is over! Of all things, I left my passport at my house, so all the trouble I took to pack and bring my bags this morning was utterly undone as I had to go BACK home, throwing another hour of missed relaxation into my evening. I'm safely ensconced in Brixton now, though, so chances of my making it to the airport are now very much improved.

Day in general was good - had leaving drinks with the guy who's heading off to AOL for three times the pay (but this was during working hours so my return was most slack), the QA manager had two possible people to start in my team (realized I'd hired two people into my team in four months, two more than the whole year I was a manager at Tripadelic), AND had the new Big Kahuna (my boss's boss) tell me he'd arranged to have my bonus doubled, which will RAWK if we actually have one this year (since it's based on our profits, 2xZ% can still add up to £0). Unfortunately I got held up by all of the "I'm going to be gone for a week" crap and left at 6:30 instead of 6, but I did also get a visit in on the phone with shadowdaddy, so yay, and let me tell you the Big Kahuna has made me feel much better about all of the time I spent making that freaking report look exactly the way he wanted it last night. That's right, if you love me (and I work for you), show me with money (cause I sure as hell don't any more stupid hats or "during my personal time so-called morale events involving retarded professional sports").

No idea what my internet activity will be like on Tenerife, but you'll hear from me at some point in the next seven days, I'm sure!
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