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This is not Napoli, and that is not a pizza

This is probably my last entry from Tenerife. I came into a cybercafe to give my brother a birthday call but he´d gone out for some reason. Hey, irrationalrobot! Happy Birthday! I tried to get a hold of you, really I did!

Uh - quick catchup - seems like I´ve been napping and reading quite a lot. Highlight was Tuesday´s three hour drive to and from Masca, a tiny town in the volcanic hills accessible only by ONE LANE ROADS ON THE SIDES OF CLIFFS. Lowlight was getting charged 135 Euros for a scrape on the right front quarter panel of the car. I really hope the insurance for the credit card works as I´ve never used it before. This unfortunately cast a pall over most of yesterday, as such a high and unexpected expense is really going to pump up the total cost of this vacation. Gah.

We also visited a really cool town called Garanchico, which was the main port of Tenerife in the 1700s until a volcano exploded and FILLED UP THE HARBOR. It also burnt most of the town down. That´s what I´d call a run of bad luck.

Otherwise, I´ve been watching the sun set over the ocean pretty much daily, eating a lot of Jamon Iberico, and having wine with nearly every meal because it´s just that cheap. And last night we did find a good restaurant, the Rosa di Bari, which was not just The Good Restaurant in Puerto de la Cruz, but a darned good Italian restaurant by whatever standards you set. I´d like to go there every day.

The flight is tomorrow at 6 PM, so I´ve got almost an entire day to accomplish finding two bottles of rum and playing some Alhambra. I know, my goals are small, but I think they´re just perfect. See you all in a few days!
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