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I've figured out my superpowers - and my super weaknesses

So I've long known that my superpower was Power of Making Gravy, but I hadn't put much thought to the superhero axiom that with super-strengths come super-weaknesses. Mine is a light anti-gravity field, which causes me to (per the visible eye) lose things constantly and drop/knock things over. For example, yesterday at the airport I was reaching into my bag and spilled a five inch high bottle of purple fruit smoothie which I'm sure I didn't actually touch. Today I managed to dip my elbow into the jam on a piece of toast. The loss of articles such as the otter neck pillow, socks, and black hairbands should be common knowledge by now, but it wasn't until I went on this trip that I realized there was a scientific explanation for these occurences (previously, and clearly incorrectly, ascribed to clumsiness and absentmindedness). Yes, Superman has kryptonite, and I have my anti-gravity field. It's a small price to pay when it comes time to make a good breakfast, but I must accept it as my burden. As a bit of a consolation prize, I realized my ability to Tell Time Within Five Minutes is also a superpower, though it doesn't work too well since it functions best when I've seen a clock within about an hour of guessing the time.

Speaking of time, I slept until noon today, then made LOTS of breakfast, TWO poached eggs for each of us on toast with some grated sharp cheddar on top, TWO big slices of English bacon (the kind shaped like pork chops), and an extra slice of toast just for eating jam on. I think today will probably involve a bit of cleaning of the me, then some cleaning of W's flat ('tis a sty), then some Alhambra (I will win someday, I will!), then trip to Putney and the Ritual Filling of the Fridge, with purchase of much cider. I would like to see a movie tonight and I'd love to see Don Juan in Soho but I'm afraid there won't be anyone turning in their tickets and it's very sold out. If I don't go out, dinner will be something highly vegetarian as I'm SICK of getting huge chunks of meat served to me at every meal and NO vegetables, not even available as a side dish. Geez. At least in London we get peas and chips (not that I didn't eat enough papas arrugadas with mojo picante to float a boat, or, rather, sink it) - I think tonight it will be pasta e fagiole at long last, with a nice side of some cooked greens.
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