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Puppy tales

I know this is kind of silly, but ...

I'm having a good time with the little dogs. I am trying to teach them not to jump up on my leg all of the time and to actually sit down and wait for dinner (like the big dogs do). Of course, this has involved teaching them to sit! I think Mimi already knows how, but she is used to getting her way and doing as she pleases, so I think what I'm actually teaching her is to pay attention to me. The puppy I don't expect much of, except of course that he is sweet and loving and wants attention, so in fact he is very easy to train! He's doing great with the sitting, but it's very hard for him to be still while I'm pouring his food. (I can't even get him to make eye contact. I wonder if he's getting enough to eat?)

I get the idea these dogs generally get very little discipline, and far too much food treats. I have given them almost no treats at all, although I do use little pieces of cat food when I'm doing the Sit training. I love teaching dogs tricks, and I'm thinking that maybe I'll get Izzy to learn two new tricks before I send him home! I wonder if he's ready for roll over?
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