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Twenty four hours in London

Well, you know, I went out Wednesday and Thursday nights, so the fact that the last two days has been basically "stuff I can do for free except for eating in restaurants" shouldn't count much against me. Last night (after a dull day at work, highlighted only by getting shadowdaddy to come have lunch with me at @Thai), I met up with SD in South Kensington and went to the Victoria and Albert Museum to see their Chinese New Year festivities. Last night's seemed to be very low-key, but I really do wonder what they were thinking of having a PAINTING demonstration. Not so exciting to watch, you know? Otherwise there was some dancing and acrobatics and juggling, which was all fun enough but seemed especially lively after watching the (admittedly very skilled) gentleman do ink brush paintings of horses. We cut out just before the children's participatory fan dance. I could have used the giggles, but decided a plate of noodles at the Oriental Canteen would be a better plan. It was good, but not genius; next time I won't get the Indonesian special that comes with the fat side of fish paste, but go for duck chow mein instead.

Today, I slept in then made breakfast for SD and wechlser (who'd come over after his photo geek meeting and was looking very cute in a Schoedinger's Cat t-shirt). We then headed out, very late, to the British Library to see the London Maps exhibit. Who did we run into on the way but julietk - first time I'd actually seen her since I got here! Well, no, I did see her at a party, but there you have it, apparently there's only 5 things going on in London at any one time and we're bound to see our friends on a regular basis even if we don't intend to. However, it was now so late that we needed lunch, and shadowdaddy remembered we were very close to the street where cookwitch works and its wonderful Chinese restaurant! (Snazz Sichuan, I think it's called, though the sign outside said Szechuan Tea House.) SD and I were very much sated by our dan dan noodles, and I'm pleased to say their Gwolashan sauce chicken (as best I can remember) was actually setting off my fire alarms. Mmm, feel the burn.

The map exhibit, well, it was interesting, but ... oh, that Chinese food! It was fantastic. The exhibit I might catch again, but I absolutely, absolutely will be back to Snazz.

Tonight: it was to be a play (all the ones I wanted to see were sold out), and then a movie (too worn out), and now it's almost 9 and I'm thinking maybe I'll go around the corner and wechsler and I will have a pizza and that's probably going to be it for the night. shadowdaddy is seeing a play with an old friend of his, someone who was in our wedding party as a matter of fact, so he'll be along in a while, but they're having some guy bonding time tonight.

Tomorrow was going to be more Chinese New Year's stuff at the V&A, but apparently "the gang" is heading to Camden around lunch time, so I'm going to be a lemming and hang out with them. It's been over a months since I've seen any of the Streathamites, so it's just time! I think it will be fun, too. In the evening I've become convinced that shadowdaddy and I need to see the Shanghai Studios animated movie (Uproar in Heaven) at the BFI at 4 PM rather than Volver - it's appropriate for the holiday and I may never have a chance to see it again.

PS: vorona, was thinking about you just now, about your plans for your life, and earlier today, when I wondered if you wrote regular letters as well as email. They have NICE stationary at the British Library!

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