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Ah, the vagaries of the LJ feed

Man, I spill my guts out day after day and I get more responses to a post about Team America than anything else! You guys! For the record, I was basically drawn to see it by the puppet sex scene, which was featured in This Movie Is Not Yet Rated, the documentary about the MPAA film censorship board. TMISNY had the cut scenes from sex bit, which cracked me up because the guys who wrote it basically put these scat and golden showers scenes in just so the censors would have something to cut. This made me very curious about the rest of the film, and it was, indeed a hoot and a holler. I also recommend TMISNY.

Meanwhile, in High Culture Land, shadowdaddy is off trying to get us some £10 tickets for Coram Boy, prior to heading off to the Spitalfields' Pancake Race (some kind of English Shrove Tuesday thing). I'm still working my way through Remembrance of Things Past and have made it to page 660 after taking a total break over my vacation. He really seems to have a good understanding of human nature, at least Western humanity. "The last time! To me, that appeared as something of immense significance, because I loved Gilberte. On her it would doubtless have made just as much impression as those letters in which our friends ask whether they may pay us a visit before they finally leave the country, requests which, like those made by tiresome women who are in love with us, we decline because we have pleasures of our own in prospect." The translation is frequently a bit stiff, but I am completely absorbed in it the second I pick it back up.


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Feb. 20th, 2007 05:57 pm (UTC)
*sigh* the scat scene is indeed on the uncut dvd, and the deleted scenes are as well:

boss dude: "I've got 24 hours to turn you into the most badass hero we can make. That's going to be hard, because you're gay now."

Seeing TMINYR made me want to rent "Coming Home," fwiw. Also worth noting, they did talk about Orgazmo more than just a bit in that film, and if you've never seen it all the way through, I can highly reccomend it for a great silly send-up of the typical hero movie.
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