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Coram Boy > Spamalot

WELL! It is about time I saw a show in London where I felt it was worth paying full price! And Coram Boy, with its huge cast, orchestra, and GORGEOUS 18th century music (aaaah!) is SO it. All that, and it still wasn't overdesigned. I'm not saying every single actor was perfect (just one a bit silly, but far outweighed by the Evilest Villain Ever), but with teen lust, baby killing, and orphans being ... well, I just can't say it, but ... I was caught up EVERY MINUTE of this show. Oooooh scary!

And then there was the singing. Aaaaaah!

Um, yeah, so it's sold out but EVERY day around 11 PM they post the tickets that have been returned, and every morning of a show, at around 10 AM, they sell the £10 seats they have, which are what we got, in the front row. (Alas, you must go in person to get these, but shadowdaddy was kind enough to do that for us - and there's a limit of 2.) So go if you can. rosamicula, I SO owe you for your enthusiastic review, as it is what pushed me to go!
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