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Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my nap now

I'd planned a lunch with a dev coworker some three weeks ago ... and he decided to have today be a work at home day - in short, he forgot about me. So I took advantage of the high shadowdaddy availability and had HIM join me for lunch ... at the River Cafe.

Lunch was:
Ravioli filled with spinach/ricotta/porcini mushrooms, with butter/grated parmesan (me)
tagliatelli with some "hunter's mix" of duck and rabbit (him, but also yum)
lamb with a tomato ragout on top, and a side of greens/funky broccoli/garbanzos (me)
scallops with grilled greens on the side over a bed of peppery/olive oil-y lentils (him)
lemon tart, so fresh it had grated lemon rind in it

Now I just want a nap.

Also, had the good fortune of hearing a selection from Johann Hasse's opera Ataserse ("Or la nube procellosa," apparently sung in Farinelli) on Otto's Baroque Radio today. Such singing! I'd like to track a copy of that down to enjoy later.
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