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Nothing says "true love" like a little PR

Left work in a terrible mood because it was hot, I was hungry, and my boss was on my ass about my end of day report. Earlier he had been complaining that I didn't have enough information in my session report although in fact I think I did; I think this was a continuation of this complaint. At any rate, it kept me there an extra 15 minutes and I just wasn't in the mood. They probably got four free hours of work from me this week and since I worked through lunch AGAIN today I would have rather had some kudos for that rather than kvetching like I got. Happy hour at Tapas with miss_villanelle and dagmar_b chilled me out - dagmar_b was slipping me tidbits off her plate as if I were a favored lap dog, and I think the protein of her tender little steak probably did me some good, far more than the play we blew off would have.

Once home, we divided ourselves up for doggy duties, shadowdaddy taking the big 'uns to the park, me monitoring the guest doglets as they dashed about the back yard. After they returned, my soon to be sister-in-law came over to show me her fancy hair and ask how I thought she should wear her veil. It was kind of exciting when I realized that she was a week away from the big day. Of course, all we can think about right now is getting the damn floors finished so we can get things rearranged before the Wuertz invasion next Thursday.

After she left, I thought it was time for a little one-on-one Puerto Rico. We discovered we had been playing a certain rule wrong all along. Apparently, goods don't all rot at the end of a round: they only rot at the end of the turn where the captain is played. Holy millions of barrels of indigo, Batman! Suddenly it made sense to go ahead and play the craftsman at the end of a round, and one-on-one really kicked into high gear (the rules for two have 7 roles, of which a total of 6 are chosen per turn).

After duking it out for about an hour and a half (him small market, factory, and harbor; me large market, wharehouse, and wharf; the large warehouse was never chosen), we wound up absolutely tied for victory points at 33 love, and I pulled ahead thanks to actually having room for that ever important second large violet building (and grabbing the customs house to get a faboo multiplier on my victory points, kazaam!). We also found out that we'd been mishandling how the victory points are handled when they run out; if victory points can be validly earned during the round, you just tally them up - it's not like colonists where you just lose out once the last one walks onto someone's game board. Anyway, final score had me at 72 and him at 65. It was pretty damn close, but I think it was getting the customs hall more than him not getting a second violet building that put me over the top (I think the maximum extra points he might have got would have been about 6, since he did get the 3 point tobacco plant during the final building round).

Tomorrow we're getting a new bed from dagmar_b, he's sanding floors, I'm writing for Tablet, then in the afternoon he's got a meeting and I'm going to look at fishies. Finally, we're going to head over to the Rendezvous for the Burning Hearts burlesque show, most likely the later one, which should give us plenty of time to crank out on the floors!

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