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I know it's not March yet but spring is here

7:40 AM and the sun has been up for 40 minutes now. I've been awake for rather most of it due to needing to be to a 9 AM meeting on time, but I've actually had 8 hours of sleep so it's not a problem. God, getting enough sleep really makes the week go differently. I was a bit ragged the day after Coram Boy and on Monday but it's been the sleep of the dead most of the week.

Last night the physiotherapist had me doing a new stretch in which I lay on my stomach, he folded by heel up to my butt, then had me press against him with the heel just a bit further back. I could feel an insane burn in my quads, but when I stood up I did a squat and it didn't hurt at all. Wow. I can do these on my side or standing, too, and he's also assigned me an exercise to help develop the muscles that lift the arches of my feet, but I can't believe how effective this has been and how much my knee has improved in such a short time.

When I came home, wechsler was hanging out on the couch and shadowdaddy had made the most amazing meatballs and spaghetti sauce (the sauce had two pork chops in it) from recipes in the New York Times. Damn! We feasted like kings and afterwards were basically too lazy to do much else. It was a very nice night, with the usual happy vibe wechsler brings to the household, and a very nice evening overall. In fact, I don't even mind that I had to get up early, because I'm in a good mood (even despite having a dream in which I ran into irrationalrobot in a mall with his mom and she stuck gum in my hair).
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