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April Schedule

Normally I would think it was silly to get started on a schedule a full month in advance when I haven't started on March yet. But I missed a lot of plays I wanted to see the last two months (and may just barely get to see Came A Gypsy Riding if I can get return tickets next week). I've already got tickets for John Gabriel Borkman at the Donmar on Thursday April 12 (if anyone wants to join me, please feel free to grab some tickets and join us, I've just gone ahead without asking as I didn't want to have it turn up sold out), and I want to see Man of Mode at the National and the Indian production of A Midsummer Night's Dream that's at the Roundhouse (goes from March 8 through April 21). Any interest in the second? I think it would be fun for a big group.

I'm probably also going to try to make the Ceili dancing a regular thing, so I've added one date a month to my calendar, this time making sure it doesn't interfere with B-movie! (In March I'm going to the dance on the 9th despite the conflict as it's SO FUN and I am really sorry about not going to the one tonight because I'm so absent minded!)

Also - want to see Mayerling at the ROH - many dates possible!

2 Monday: Pilates
3 Tuesday: wechsler over.
4 Wednesday: Midsummer at the Roundhouse (must buy tickets!).
5/6 Thursday/Friday: ???
7 Saturday: Big party with costumes.
8 Sunday: wechsler over to eat lamb, possibly see Magic Blade at 3:50..
Monday the 9: visit my uncle in Munich.
10 Tuesday: Blue Posts (or a dance thing at Riverside).
11 Wednesday: Caretaker at Tricycle Theater (NW6 7JR), 8 PM.
12 Thursday: see John Gabriel Borkman at the Donmar.
13 Friday: B-Movie (after almost 6 months of not going!). Or not.
14 Saturday: Liverpool and the Grand National! Or not.
15 Sunday: Jin Hua at the Barbican (or somewhere) with robot_mel.
16 Monday: Pilates
17 Tuesday: The Magic Blade at the NFT - "a quest for a legendary weapon with tricks, traps and hermaphrodites at every turn," oh my!
18 Wednesday: wechsler (here or there).
19 Thursday: Man of Mode at the National (via £10 day tickets).
20 Friday
21 Saturday
22 Sunday
23 Monday: Pilates
24 Tuesday: Clans of Intrigue, NFT (or not, it's late).
25 Wed - 28 Sat: Mahabharatha at Sadler's Wells
26 Thurs: Mixed Rep at ROH with bathtubgin and itsjustaname (tickets bought).
27 Friday: Ceili dancing off to Pisa!.
28 Saturday: wechsler busy all day, possible road trip with J?
29 Sunday: back from Pisa!
30 Monday: Pilates
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