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T' years shall run like rabbits/for in my arms I hold/The first love of the world

Dang. Uh, update:
Work: spent most of the day trying to preserve my headcount. Had three last week; two people were hired by EOD Friday; discovered start of day today that two of my "heads" had been given away - only we've already offered those people jobs. God. Still need third person. Argued about this and horsetraded for hours. Got all places restored and then had the CTO just "take" one away at the end of the day. Also was told that being able to fake it was the key to success, especially since no one at $howboat will bother telling you how to do what you need to do, and only occasionally will you even be told WHAT it is you need to do.

It was nice out so even though I ate my lunch while waiting to talk to my boss's boss I decided to go for a walk, and used the excuse of hitting the Tesco as my motivation to enjoy the sunshine and rather brisk wind. It really feels like spring!

Evening: shadowdaddy met me at work and we went to Angel together to see Estrella Morente at Sadler's Wells. She's fantastic and her voice really blew me away, but I loved just as much that the show had fantastic guitar and (flamenco) dancing, and all three elements (and the guys doing the clapping!) would play off of each other, singers inspiring dancers feeding guitarists and so forth, all jazzy and improvisational. My only wish is that I could have understood what she was singing better than I did - something about that style and the way they string out the vowels makes it really impossible for me to pick out more than about one word in ten. Make me think I really ought to see the Seville or even the Malaga Flamenco bienniale. So many things to do here, so little time!
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