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In the land of a thousand options, I am playing games and making tacos

Well, since there's no B-movie (official announcement here), Ceili dancing this Friday is definitely happening. Anyone want to come with? I feel a bit stupid for not going to B-Movie more over the last five months - it's like taking a friend for granted and having them up and join the Peace Corps on you.

Tonight I've been wanting to see a movie, but I'm having a hard time getting excited about the price of The Science of Sleep and the lack of friendly viewing times. Ah, were I only on Orange and getting a two for one deal today! (I would need two other people to make this work were anyone to offer ...) I was also thinking about Volver at the Riverside studios, but since it's two hours long and starts at 8:45 it would have me getting back home way too late. Now I'm thinking, "Ooh, I could see Hot Fuzz just across the street, getting me home half an hour earlier than Volver AND saving me from having to pay for tube travel to see Science," but then maybe what I should do is cough up £12.50 and get a ticket (well, two of them) to see Man of Mode at the National (great deals available through Friday on LastMinute.com) ... Play or movie. What should I do?

Last night shadowdaddy and wechsler and I ate the gigantic turkey pie I made with my Thanksgiving leftovers (I kept it next to Walt Disney's body for the last four months), then broke in my copy of Pirate's Cove. It seemed like the strategy would be to be the biggest, baddest, ass-kicking-est pirate around, but it turned out that skulking around and trying to go to less desirable treasure islands worked pretty well, too, as the Dread Pirate Wechsler and I were tied at the end of the game and had to have a cannon-off. I've got two other games I've added to my collection since January (Lunch Money and, er, a horse racing game, Winner's Circle?) and I can't wait to try them ...

Meanwhile, shadowdaddy hears back about his interview today. My fingers are crossed.
Tags: ceili, games, movies, my boring life

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