Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Ukelooza 2003

Had a fantabulous Ukelooza, and I'm going to write a full review on my other blog at some point in time. The evening opened with a nice sarcastic George Bush themed "Favorite Things" and even had a song about zombies (hard to believe!). If only they had thrown a couple of the girls in from last night, like the sleight-of-hand fruit artiste who dressed in a leopard-spotted bikini! Alas, the event was slimly attended, although I had the great pleasure of being joined by Stefina and dagmar_b. But this worked to our advantage in both the raffle in the auction, and we came home with a mega pass to Spin the Bottle (first Fridays at Oddfellows Hall - funny how I had just been saying I doubted I'd ever go again because I found the event too cliquey), tickets for two to The Rep (we already know which show we're going to see), two four show flex-passes for Intiman (this is Worthy Opponent's birthday present), and a purse (I just bid on it to get people in the mood). Everybody was a winner - Stef got a raffle prize and dagmar_b won a bid on show tickets.

If only I were looking forward to going to work tomorrow. Jon's griping the last fifteen minutes I was there has really got me in duck and cover mode. But - of all things - Click to Learn called me back on a job I applied to in June, as a test manager. I can't imagine really being qualified, but I suppose I'll call them back anyway.

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