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Three new treats from Essential Bakery

It's damn dangerous to work across the street from one of the best bakeries in Seattle. All I wanted was a damn macaroon (in eager anticipation of sallysimpleton's return from Paris), but then I realized (as I walked down the street, in the rain) that since it was after 4 that all of the pastries were half price. Normally this wouldn't be a big deal, because there wouldn't be a thing there, but by God they were stocked today. I got a "financier" (raspberry and butter galore) and a hat-shaped mystery object, plus the macaroon I came for, all for $2. Oy. I should have just had the plums I brought to work but that stuff was SO good. (And the macaroon can wait until tomorrow.)

I never did get the hassling I was expecting at work today, which is a relief. I also was contacted about yet ANOTHER job today, working at "Redmond Technology Partners" in Bellevue. I'm guessing the economy is really picking up, although it's hard to say that it's looking particularly good.

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