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Robert Altman's Nashville

I went to the British Film Institute to see Nashville last night with shadowdaddy and bathtubgin. It was pretty cool, the usual Altman "million interconnected stories" thing, with horrible Country Western songs I was sure had been made up especially for their banality and 70s costuming that may have been intended to look natural but which I saw as emphasizing the silliness of the characters. (The scenes with live audiences confirmed for me that the typical 70s person was not wearing hot pants, platform shoes, and bikini tops.) It was fun to watch, the characters all seemed real enough to inspire discussions on what their motivations were, but ... at two hours and forty minutes my GOD I would have never made it through this movie outside of a theater AND I got home really late on a day when I'd already spent most of it being tired. shadowdaddy was dozing off on the way home, and we weren't in bed until midnight. Urf. I think I'll skip my fancy lunch today as I don't think I'll be awake enough to really enjoy it. Tonight will, I think, be The Science of Sleep at the Curzon Soho, although I should probably just go home and play games instead.

Dreamed last night about a glorious comet in the sky, burning green and purple. I also dreamed I had strangled my stepfather, my cousins were on my case for not spending enough time with my grandparents, and I was telling my mom to her face that I didn't have a mom anymore because she is dead. So I dreamed about people that have either been dead for years or who haven't talked to me for years giving me shit. Where were the nice family members in that dream?

It's the fourth sunny day in a row and I haven't walked to work all week long. I think I'll fix that today but I must get off of the computer earlier than I have been if I'm going to be hitting the pavement at 8:30.
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