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"Dumbwaiter" at Trafalgar Studios

Today I was A Woman Who Did Her Budget and Came Up Smiling, and I did a bad thing. I called Trafalgar Studios (after looking every day for a week on the TKTS site in a vain hope for availability), found out they had two tickets for tonight's (extremely sold out) show, and ... bought them. According to a snark in some newspaper, this show clocked in at an entertainment cost of approximately 50 pence per minute ...

but it was great, like eating "Death by Chocolate" cake - every bite counted. And it was short, which was good, as we are doing a day trip and need to, er, be in bed by now. The tension between the characters about had ME sweating by the end of the show, and, for once, all of the dialogue worked, the physical interaction/movement was great, and the characters seemed three-dimensional despite being in a rather absurd/ist situation (I was reminded of Albee).

Pinter is a very difficult playwright, and I'm on a mission to see all of his plays (along with those of Tennesee Williams and Ibsen), in part because I feel he does not talk down to his audience - he talks up to them, expecting them to be experienced, thoughtful theater-goers who can handle a little mystery. I also think for some reason his plays work better in England, that the language seems more natural - that there's some kind of sensibility American actors just haven't internalized that really aid in the interpretation of his works. This one was, I think, the best of his plays I've seen yet (the others being The Birthday Party, Old Times, and Betrayal). I look forward to seeing more!

At the end of the play, the actors bounced out and put on red noses and made a pitch for Comic Relief, a fundraiser for the poor (or something, I'm apparently not getting the right advertising markets). They ended their little spiel by saying, "And as a sign of how much we support this, we're each donating a week's wages to the cause." They then each reached into their pockets and pulled out a bill ... but different bills.

"Hey!" said the young and scruffy actor. "How come you get a tenner and I just get five?"
"That's because I'm an actor," retorted the slick looking one.
"But I get most of the lines!" huffed the young one back.
"Yes, but this is Pinter, and I get the pauses."
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