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Spring cleaning (of the LJ)

I'm doing my first round of spring cleaning and pruning Ye Olde Friends' List. Feel free to defriend me without drama, as I hope a defriending of (name) will result in no drama for ME. (See who's added or defriended you here.)

Basic rule: if I can't remember your first name or I haven't had a comment from you in the last three months, then I'll probably be removing you. Feel free to read my journal if you want to, but I have to be honest about who I can keep up with and who I can't, and I probably need to be capping things at a much lower number than I have now. I don't flatter myself that I'm that interesting to read, but if for some reason I'm adding a little flavor to your flist I'd be the last one to discourage you from enjoying it.

Less basic rule: if I have somehow upset you by doing this, can you, for heaven's sake, send me a private email (to my LJ account) instead of making a public post/comment flaming me? Aggressive (or passive aggressive) behavior is not a friend maker in real life, and, if you get all over my case in public, I can pretty much guarantee you will permanently strain our relationship in real life.

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