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In a perfect world. Cookies and K-tel.

J and I went to the Barbican tonight and saw William Christie's Les Arts Florissantes tonight, which was basically the K-tel "Top Hits of the 17th Century." Except unlike K-tel, this was beautiful and made me cry. Take this, "Pur Ti Miro," the big love aria duet (of course!) from The Coronation of Poppea:

I behold you,
      I delight in you,
I press you
      I tie you to me in a knot;
No longer do I suffer, do I die,
O my life
      O my treasure.

I am yours
      You are mine,
My hope: say it, say it!
      Yes, yes, yes, yes!
You are, O my idol,
my beloved, my heart, my life, truly!

Why do people not sing THIS at weddings? It was really incredible. They even had a counter-tenor singing Nero. And it wasn't sappy like it looks here - it was beautiful, and it really did have me dabbing at my eyes.

If life were perfect I'd be eating chocolate chip cookie dough right now. Well, I guess it has nothing really to say about whether or not life is perfect, but the cookie dough is really good, I think in part because I get better butter and eggs here.
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