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I miss the ease of driving home after a party.

Ah, London at 1 AM on a Sunday morning. Puke on the bus, puke on the streets, the smell of ketchup on french fries in the air. I think people really just do drink a whole lot more here but there's something about packing this many people in such a small amount of space that seems to contribute to the whole grossness of it all.

Um, but lovely party with friends down south - got visits in with more people that I care to LJ check, but mostly just very pleasant, felt the "cared for" thing going on, felt connected and part of the community - and then at 11:15 or so I turned into a pumpkin and all I wanted to do was lie on the bed in a cuddle pile and fall asleep. The party rages on, but the last train back home beckoned me. Bit of a pisser to leave at 11:45 and not get home until now - well, I guess it's only an hour later so not too bad but it was only eight miles!

Oh, but I'm soooo tired. Stupid work week. I hate being so worn out.

Um, Wayreap's Battle at the Barbican was great - the Ramayana done with gamelan accompaniment and Thai temple dancers - the flavors that add up to Cambodian dance. The costuming was great and I loved the exact hand and foot movements of the dancers. Plus - monkey warriors - what more could you want? One more day, see it if you can, tickets available for only £7.

PS: Hey, look, I'm wearing the same clothes now as I am in this user icon. Maybe I should see about shopping some more some day.
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