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This post brought to you by Captain Xanax

The net value of what I accomplished at work today could be written on a head of a pin, in 12 point type. What is the point of even trying to write it here? The memory of the day was slipping away from me as I lived it. The great thing was, though, that thanks to the Xanax, I didn't care. I wasn't happy or euphoric or tranquilized, I just felt ... level. Well, maybe I was tranquilized, I don't know. To me, the overwhelming experience was, "I don't care, though I should pay attention to what's going on and maybe see what I can do to improve the things that aren't quite working right." It was really very pleasant. I didn't even really get on the LJ today after an initial blast and a suck on the New York Times feed (food in Milan, yum, don't forget to look at the slide show).

After a "cranky teacher" night at Pilates (why are these chicks so often so very high strung?), it was home for dinner. I went a little wild and made pork chops; greens/spinach with garlic and bacon; and "ziti with saffron sauce," which was spectacular in a very-simply-flavored-dish-of-genius kind of way. Dessert was a lemon cake I got from the Waitrose for 90P (all hail my shopping fu and the wonders of hitting the bakery department right before closing time), served with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. It was an odd snack to eat while watching the Five Deadly Venoms

Hero: *yells*
People in restaurant: (Turn and stare)
Hero: What, haven't you ever seen anyone practicing inner strength before?
PIR: (Turn away and pretend nothing happened)
Friend of hero: (pours more wine)

but both of them were tasty. Finishing one of them will, however, keep me up past my bedtime, and I'll hit the movie up later. Sorry if I'm slacking on the LJ but ... night, all!

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