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I sing the body electric

So, for the next 24 hours, I'm bionic. I have a blue cuff around my upper left arm and a box at my waist. Yes, as the nurse noted, I look like a suicide bomber. Watch out, she said she's got a problem with her ticker!

I came into work and discovered the release was being rolled back; some problem with a mis-named pointer and some peculiarities of Java versus Unix. Glad I didn't put off going to the doctor to be here for this non-event (and look, so much time for updating LJ at work!). I suppose this is what we get for gloating that the other team screwed shit up so badly last week, leaving the code half-in, half-out. Hopefully my readings at the end of the day will be nice and low, as I'm going to be getting my hair done then.

Yesterday we discovered a lovely screw-up; the content team had saved the German language files for one of the products I'm in charge of into the "default" file, so if you cleared your cookies, you'd see our site in German and couldn't get it to change to English. Apparently they're staffed with muppets, too, as only one person could fix this problem and "he was on vacation until Wednesday." When I realized we were a hotfix away from sending this shit to live, I went all freak-a-zoid and bitched until I found someone who'd make it get fixed. Yay me.

Things I miss from the states: potato bread.

We bought our tickets to go to Detroit last night. June 30 - July 7th (more or less), we'll be gone. I'd like to do some more travelling but I think this will be nice and relaxing.
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