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I'm worn out today

My life is overly complex and it's bad for me to stay up so late because I've gone to see a long show. I'm not sure what I'm doing tonight (sleep, Bueller?), but I guess I could go to Betty Ford tomorrow. Saturday we've got plans to have dinner with a couple J knew in Seattle (day, I'm thinking the Hogarth exhibition at the Tate); Sunday, er, I don't know yet, but Michael Nyman is performing his original score to a silent movie (Kinopravda 21) at the Curzon Mayvair at 1 PM, and I'm leaning toward that even though a picnic either day might be fun. So would a trip to the pub Friday. Bueller?

I took a walk to get some more filtered water for tea and noticed that some white columbines were blooming, as well as some white calla lilies. Gorgeous!

Just had a random Canadian colleague "console" me over the Virgina Tech thing. What am I supposed to say? 121 Iraqis died that same day, and overall I'm far more traumatized by the murders of the burner kids on Capitol Hill last year. Then we were talking about the US pulling out of Iraq; is it already civil war? Would it be better if we just left now? I mean, of course it's about the oil, but is it the oil that's keeping us from pulling out, or the threat of civil war?

Also, I finally broke down and bought the last book in the Bitterbynde trilogy, new, last night while we were waiting for our play to start. Cecelia Dart-Thornton, you have broken me! I'm going to get several books I want sent to my sister so she can bring them over with her, but I figured if I'd been looking for this for three weeks, it was time to give in and just make the purchase.
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