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First design review tonight

With any luck, when I get home tonight my house will be looking much better than when I left. I decided to go for having the housekeeper come over, although given my current level of (rotating) debt and uncertain job future perhaps I shouldn't be so indulgent. I seemed to spend most of last night (after I got home, went to the grocery store, then got home again) getting ready for her, which means of course that before she even showed up the house was already looking much better. But I really don't enjoy cleaning the house after 10 PM. I just wanted to sit down and work on my paint-by-numbers calendar and get to sleep at a decent hour.

Tonight is the first DCLU meeting on the proposed housing development. This of course is not my idea of an exciting way to spend my evening, but somehow I think it's necessary. Afterwards is supposed to be Mah Jong but I'm sorely tempted to blow it off and head to the 8:30 show of La Jeteeif I can blow out of the DCLU meeting. The rush is on, of course, because tomorrow is supposed to be my big debut at The Grind, in preparation for my article. On top of the two "picks" I'm doing, I'm going to get a lot in print for the next issue!

Speaking of La Jetee, the idea of a foreign movie club is getting some traction. What's not to like about having a monthly date to see a movie and then talk about it afterwards? It's like all the intellectual stimulation of a book club without all the hard work (and the people who show up not having finished the story). I wonder if other people might be interested?
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