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Talking about Tea

So yesterday wechsler went into a place called Postcard Teas, somewhere in Soho (er, well, Mayfair, not that I know the difference yet). I think I'd seen it before, but not gone in because I've been disappointed by so many of the tea shops in London.

This morning I'm drinking their Goomtee Estate Second Flush Darjeeling, which has a pamphlet inside that says, "This exceptional tea from one of Darjeeling's top estates should not be drunk with milk." Well, bless your heart, Mr. D'Offay, for telling it like it is instead of putting in some kind of pablum about "each to their own." I would just just as soon put milk in a good tea as put it in champagne. If it were my tea company, I'd also say, "The quality of water heavily affects the taste of your tea. For best results, you may wish to use bottled water." It's good, but I don't seem to have brewed it quite right yet. I'll keep trying. I don't think it will be the best as my favorite Darjeelings of all time, but it's still nice enough.

He does tea tastings in his shop. I ought to check one out. £1.50 a pot? I'm there.

I also got a quarter pound of the Perennial Tea Room's Red Peach China Keemun yesterday, carried over from the states by winterdusk, so two gifts of tea in one day! I'm pleased.

By the way, I picked up a postcard from Auntie's Tea Shop in Cambridge, where we went with Elliot a few weeks back. Send me an email to my LJ account with your address if you're a tea loving friend of mine and would enjoy this bit of silliness.
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