Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維 (webcowgirl) wrote,
Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Is this a well-rested day I see before me?

I was so exhausted I went to bed shortly after 10 PM last night. I got a phone call at 10:30 that actually woke me up ("My God! Is there an emergency at work?"), but ... I still think I'm at something close to the ten-hour mark, an unheard of luxury on a school night.And now, it's 8:20, and I'm actually ready to leave early enough to walk to work. I'll be in good shape for the Mahabharatha at Sadler's Wells tonight, that's for sure. And tomorrow is the ballet with itsjustaname and bathtubgin, and somehow I've got to have my packing done for the weekend in time for my Friday departure to work ...

Last night was tacos and a round of Lunch Money, the first time I'd played it since shadowdaddy brought it back. wechsler, J and I had a good time as snippy school girls beating each other up at the Tube station while we waited on the platform on our way to class; but shadowdaddy disabled me with a roundhouse and a poke in the eye and I went home crying to my mummy. Oddly, it was wechsler who won, reducing the previously bullying shadowdaddy to zero points with a well aimed jab from the elbows and possibly a de-pantsing. I thought this would be a great game to play with spikeylady and babysimon - the roleplaying is a hoot!

I dreamed I was getting ready to move to LA, as I'd been accepted into a PhD program in film criticism - but I was not really feeling like moving again and not enjoying going through all my stuff. I wonder if that means I'll wind up staying put here?
Tags: dreams

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