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Review: Absolute Beginners at the Lyric Hammersmith

First: tickets for Glass Menagerie are available for £10 from LastMinute.com. I'm going with thekumquat and a few others next Thursday. Would anyone else like to go? I will be buying these tickets tomorrow so do speak up soon.

As usual I'm a bit too tired to really be saying much (this late at night), but:

The show was a bit too rough especially considering they'd been doing public performances for almost a week. The lead actor wasn't really able to convey the excitement about "Being a Teenager!" and God knows at my age I need someone who's really convincing when this is their main theme. I did like the anti-racism and "London is all of us" message, but ... I don't go to a show to get a message, I go to hear a story told by people whose lives I care about. And ... I didn't really care about these guys, only the really peripheral ones. It's like, well, Cabaret, everyone knows who Sally Bowles is, but does anyone remember the name of the writer? No, because his point of view and his life are boring.

Anyway, fun set, slightly cheap costumes. If this show ever gets remounted, maybe they'll get a better hang of how the dialogue should go. Verdict? Worth £9, but ... glad that's all I paid.
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