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Brighton Beach Memoirs: this time it's all about the food. I mean, the Pavillion.

After about four nights of coughing myself awake, I think I have to admit that I've probably got a cold. The low energy levels of the last two days would back that up. But it could also just mean I'm lazy.

That said, I'm not that sick, and we took the opportunity to go to Brighton today. Unfortunately the sun never bothered doing the "shine" thing, so we didn't spend very much time on the beach, and shadowdaddy wasn't able to see the Penny Arcade Museum, but the crappy weather was extrememly amenable to a trip to the Royal Pavillion, which was a Chinoiserie freak-out phantasie jammed inside of a kooky Taj-esque folly (though it was actually designed to be used, not to be a fake ruin). Seattleites: imagine the 5th Avenue theater as a house. For me, it was up there with completely OTT Asam Church (Asamkirche) in Munich and the Temple of Heaven in Beijing - I just couldn't get enough of it and I want to redecorate my house so it looks like it. One ton chandelier shaped like a dragon with glass flower candle holders coming out out a giant brass plantain ceiling fixture, here I come!

Otherwise we didn't do much but putter around. We ate some Japanese fantastic food at E-Kagen (it's all about the food and nothing about the "decor," which is pure, homestyle Japanese cafe to the bone), where the bowl of ramen I had put little hearts/rainbows/bluebirds/sunbeams whirling over my head. (It helped that it was cold enough outside that a yummy bowl of ramen was comforting as well as a good meal.) We failed utterly to find any good vintage clothing stores (shopping on a Sunday not so good), but ended up hitting a neat food shop, Sussex and the City, which I utterly denuded of cider (not to mention good beers and some bacon/cheese/mustard/Creme de Cassis - the shop is reviewed here). Apparently if you display as little control as I did, the owner will gift you with a nice burlap shopping sack to take your swag home in, which we were in dire need of by the time we put the final bottled yummy next to the till.

Anyway, we're home now, I'm pooped out, and rather than going out, we're going to watch the DVD of Anchorman one of my coworkers lent me. I'm apparently not going to bother to clean the house again. Maybe tomorrow.
Tags: food porn

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