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Dogs in Hammamet. Or: Four days without the internet and I have BUILT IT UP!

I had to explain to a guy in a carpet shop yesterday what was wrong about the dog pelt they had for sale in their shop.

"In America, if you had something like this, your friends would never come to visit you anymore, and they would think you were a barbarian."

Of course, all of this conversation was in French so who knows what he heard me saying. I'm not really sure why it was supposed to make a difference that it was a Chinese dog. I mean, crap, they export their dead people to be put on display - should anyone really be so offended about a mere dog? And the Germans buy stuffed ducklings and baby tigers ... but really, who the f**k would want this thing?

I also told him it was like having the corpse of your grandmother in your house - just wrong and icky. I mean, I know Muslims don't like dogs/think they're unclean (and I saw only 5 dogs the whole weekend, PILES of people and almost no dogs, stray cats everywhere, they must have been in HEAVEN), but I really felt like I just wasn't making a bit of sense to him.

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