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Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Sugar + tea = winning combination - for interview?

I've just had a Krispy Kreme and a cup of tea, soon to be followed by a bowl of cereal and some milk. I need to leave here at about 10:50 to make it to my interview early. Of course I kept having stress dreams - mostly that I couldn't find my clothes for the interview. It's kind of irritating that it's so cool now because the shirt I cleaned for the interview is made of linen and is way too thin for this weather!

Cathy and Matt and I had a great time playing Puerto Rico last night. Matt was still getting over a cold, and he responded well to the food fro mthe "Sichuanese Cuisine Restaurant" that we brought. I broke in a new pun as I pulled some barrels of "corn" out during the production phase - "Me So Corny." They both just died! Matt asked if I practiced those bad jokes at home. Final score: Cathy 54, me 52, Matt - I forget, 37? 42? I abandoned the Pepsi strategy (corn and sugar) for something that would make a little more money (coffee plus an office so I could sell multiple barrels), but really, if I'd just shipped a tiny bit more I would have had it in the bag ...

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