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Pre-summer Sunday in London

Now that I'm a city girl I can spend my weekends like real people do: cleaning my flat. So far I've got some dishes done (washed while shadowdaddy made me pancakes) and a bit of this and that picked up, but now I need to dive in and really get some work done on the bedroom, which looks like a forest in autumn provided you can see "leaves" where my piles of clothes are.

Just a little later on I'm going to go the Great Eastern Hotel and see Sleepless, and art exchibit about the stories within a hotel. One of my favorite elements about art is the way that we live in a present that is overlayered by the past and the subconscious, and through art the layers can be picked away so we can see the movement of space and time while we appear to be standing still. Then I need to be home for dinner and games, which should mean a good evening.

Right, enough time stalling; time to clean.

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