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It's heading into Cancerian birthday time! - Party announcement for Wechsler

So ... the last couple of years I've come to identify more as a Cancerian than a Gemini. Hey, 80% of astrologists say June 21 is a Cancer birthday, right? Plus nowadays I know more people who have birthdays near me that I identify with (whereas before my mom's and my aunt's birthdays, in the Gemini zone, had me saying I was also a Gemini). And while we're speaking about birthdays near mine ...

wechsler's birthday is Sunday, June 24, and in his honor there will be a picnic at 1 PM on Streatham Common, near enough to the usual band of troublemakers to make it easy to have a good turnout. I'll provide veggie pasta salad, devilled eggs, and cake of some sort. This of course requires a poll.

Poll #998049 Wechsler's birthday

Wow, a birthday party picnic!

I'll be there!
I don't know yet.
I can't make it.
Sheep go baaa.

If you're coming, can you provide ...

a croquet set (if you have one but can't come, let me know)
box ticking skillz
outdoor entertainment of some sort
your fab self (always a good option)
I live nearby and would consider being the "rain date" location

If you're bringing food, details, please?

So when Paris Hilton went into prison and made a reference to being supported by her "fans," just what was she on about?

Delusions of grandeur
Delusions of everything
She sleeps on an elaborate bed made of palm fronds
An underwire bra made of feathers
Other (please describe)

Meanwhile, Rob Brezney's Free Will Astrology is great, as usual (with an unusually accurate image for the Cancerian birthday cluster - can I have it as an icon, someone with skillz?): "Quetzalcoatl instructed the Aztecs to offer hyacinths and copal [a resin] to their idols instead of human flesh," wrote Edward Dahlberg in his book The Sorrows of Priapus. Alas, the priests didn't heed their god's directive. Their predilection for ripping the hearts out of their sacrificial victims is infamous. Now I'm asking you to attend to a less dramatic but comparable matter, Cancerian. You have a prime opportunity to stop making an extreme sacrifice you've been doing for a long time. The gods no longer demand it of you; it serves no holy purpose; and there's a milder and more useful sacrifice you can make instead.
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