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The end of the day. Allergies or a cold?

I've spent the evening sneezing and blowing my nose, sewing, fiddling with LibraryThing (under Webcowgirl), and reading the New York Times. Thus these recommendations.

For my dog loving friends: a story that will leave you wanting to scratch your dog's head and let them know you love them.

For my friends who are interested in the question of class in America: an article about a woman who teaches classes on class. I found this very interesting, especially since Americans tend to pretend we're all one big happy family, but some of us have lots of money and some of us have lots of family members and friends in jail and tend to die young. This paragraph was particularly thought-provoking:

Payne believes that teachers can’t help their poor students unless they first understand them, and that means understanding the hidden rules of poverty. The second step, Payne says, is to teach poor students explicitly about the hidden rules of the middle class. She emphasizes that the goal should not be to change students’ behavior outside of school: you don’t teach your students never to fight if fighting is an important survival skill in the housing project where they live. But you do tell them that in order to succeed at school or later on in a white-collar job, they need to master certain skills: how to speak in “formal register,” how to restrain themselves from physical retaliation, how to keep a schedule, how to exist in what Payne calls the “abstract world of paper.”

Of course she is getting a lot of crap for stereotyping, but, in my mind, if you won't admit there are any differences, how can you start having a conversation about it at all? And teachers really are in the front line for making a difference. I know they did for me. Marilyn Lenz, where are you when I want to thank you for how much of an effort you made for me?

Hmm. shadowdaddy's uploaded our pix from the trip to Tunisia. There are currently no captions or anything so they're fairly mysterious. Basically, if it's the desert and rocks, it's Carthage, if it's the ocean, it's probably the Mediterranean, and if it's food, you know it was something we ate.
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