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Breaking into the Italian goodies

Fresh out of the gym tonight and I was one hungry monkey! I rushed home and got started on dinner. I had this idea of making a cream sauce - no, a saffron sauce - wait, I'll make both! I had the pretty motz and mortadella stuffed "hand rolled" tortellini from Paolo Atti (went for al dente but think with was a bit too dente, so sad!), COMPLETELY made up the sauce (melted butter, added flour, boiled a fat pinch of saffron in about 1/2 reduced to 1/4 c water, added this to the butter/flour, added cream, and - well, okay, I did peek at the recipe in the Paolo Atti book - kept adding cream until it was "like runny custard"), heated up some rosemary focaccia I also bought at PA, and made a salad of fresh motz, cherry tomatoes, yummy eee balsamic vinegar, and super good olive oil.

The conclusion is that it was very good. We're now both full.

So you know I was completely crazy about not being able to post to LJ while I was gone, right? I only ever saw one internet cafe and we didn't bring our computers, so this helped. However, I had Deep Thoughts (and info about food) I needed to share. One of the big ones was about Xanadu. Why is it so bad? How could it be better? Part of the reason is, I think, because Kira doesn't have a dream. Supposedly all she does is, really, help mortals realize their dreams ... and occasionally fall in love. But what would her dream be? My thought is that she actually would dream about being a singer (very much like ONJ, you see) ... but if we're following the Xanadude plot, she'd be a transexual (John Olivia Newton, you see,) dreaming about being a singer in a club where people of all genders and sexualities could come watch her sing. (Right? Because Xanadu is about inclusiveness, of rock and big band AND cowboy music AND BeBop and blues and zoot suits, and it's totally multi-racial, so this idea works.)

The next question is: what about Sonny? If he has a dream, at what point is it to open a rock club? At the beginning he says he's an artist who wants to live off of his art rather than being a graphic artist, but it's inconceivable that running a rock club is really going to satisfy that. He's doing it for Gene, really. I mean, what's he doing, picking out the colors or something?

So what does Sonny really want? He wants a place to SHOW his art. And for that matter, so do all of the people he works with. Xanadu, really, is a multi-media art space, with a stage for music and theater, lots of places to hang art or have shows, and, of course, all the space you need to rollerskate around to your heart's content. And a place for Kira to sing, and room for people to dance. My conclusion, ultimately, is that Sonny and Kira and Gene are actually workin together to create Consolidated Works. Too bad they never got the rollerskating going there ...
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