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The sky is glowing at 11 at night. My birthday is nigh.

I am turning 40 tomorrow and it just doesn't seem to be any different from other birthdays. I'm happy, a lot happier than I was last year. What's there to complain about?

I had countess_sophia over for dinner tonight, and the summary is: I had three different kinds of liquor, (two) red wine(s), some zabaione liqueur (poured over the chocolate cake I got from Waitrose for 99 p.), and some grappa that I picked up at the airport. I'm kind of having a hard time feeling my face right now.

Dinner was heavily influenced by my trip - the food I ate there and the food we brought back. I made: gorgeous prosciutto on utterly ripe melon; apple/cured sausage/flakes of parmesan salad with great olive oil dressing it; the cutie tortellini with mortadella and some kind of cheese inside I picked up at Tamburini ("antica salsamenteria bolognese," Via Caprarie 1 - 40124 Bologna 051234726) with butter and fresh basil on top; and big slices of motzarella on big stinking slices of tomato (I sniffed them and they smell like ripe tomato, yum) drizzled with the Modena vinegar I brought back; and slices of cake. Dinner was served on the plates I brought back from Orvieto ages ago and the food mostly in the bowls I bought in Ronda.

It was good. I'm full. I feel happy about living here. Happy Birthday to me one day early. :-) And now for one more glass of wine.
Tags: i like it here, i win

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